It's about the memories I am creating for these families!

​Christmas sets are up through December. 


See another theme you want to do?! Most sets can be set up for individual mini sessions! Message me to book yours soon!

I always do seasonal/holiday sets. Here is a list of when they are are available to use. (remember these are not the only ones I do. We will do other set ups as we come up with them but these are the for sure planned ones every year.) 

Jan - feb 14th - Valentines day 

Feb 15th - Easter - Easter  

April - Spring and Mothers day
May - Fathers day 

June - 4th of July 
​July- Summer fun

August - Back to school 
Sept - first half of Oct. - Fall and Halloween
Second half of Oct - Dec - Winter and Christmas 


Stay on top of the latest news from Scantling Photography! 

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Scantling Photography is moving once more due to a situation out of our control. We love our current studio that we put so much love and work in to to make it what we thought would be our forever studio but renting means things like this can happen. But we are working hard to make the new studio amazing as well! Our plan is to move the week of Thanksgiving. (this will not affect scheduled sessions or timelines on galleries) 

-Studio full and newborns sessions from January - March 2020 are now open for booking.
-Full studio and mini studio sessions are full for 2019
​-Newborn sessions are booked seperatley and still have availability in 2019.  

-Outdoor sessions for 2019 are closed.

Christmas studio sets are now up and available through the first half of December

Studio minis in Nov. will be Christmas themed only. (meaning if you would like to do a non Christmas theme you will need to book the mini in Dec. 

Outdoor sessions will be closed until April.


Scantling Photography

Current sets that are up and ready to use!
(these are not the only sets to choose from, I have a room full of props and over 200 backdrops to choose from to personalize each session! These are just sets that are already up and ready)

Some sets are 'limited edition' meaning that once they are taken down they cannot be booked again (mainly seasonal).